About Santa Jack

Meet Radio / TV Veteran Jack Pattie!

DSC_0001For more than 38 years, Jack has been informing and entertaining central Kentucky morning drive radio listeners on his top rated, daily News/Talk show on WVLK-AM in Lexington.

Santa Jack

Jack’s radio guests have ranged from Charlton Heston to Hillary Clinton. He appreciates the importance of sponsors and has a waiting list of those seeking his effective live endorsements.

Santa Jack
a man with a love for children

He donned the red suit for the first time in the fourth grade and knew he was destined to play the role of Santa! “I love children…”

I love children, I love Christmas and I love Santa Claus!

DSC_0073Jack loves children. He has three of his own, two step children and two grandsons.

One of Jack’s daughters (Angel) is mentally disabled and Jack was appointed by Kentucky Governor Brereton Jones to serve on the State Advisory Panel for Exceptional Children. Jack served on the panel for seven years and was its chairman the last year of his service.

One of Jack’s favorite things to do, as Santa, is visit churches and explain to children the real meaning of Christmas.

Sometimes we get in such a hurry we don’t take the time to stop and really separate what’s real, what’s not real and what’s magic!”

On his radio show, Jack adheres to a strick limit of twelve sponsor endorsements per morning.

Because of that limit, advertisers must be put on a waiting list to purchase the live Jack Pattie testimonials.

061116Santaacb054Jack grew up in the television business. His mother hosted her own TV program for 25 years and Jack’s first television experience was substituting for her when Jack was in his teens.

Over the years Jack has hosted his own talk show and co-hosted two weekly comedy shows.

Jack has also supplied the talent for hundreds of television commercials and is as comfortable before the camera has he is behind the microphone.

Jack also has modeling experience and a range of clients locally and regionally. Jack has theatrical experience including ten years with the Lexington’s Children’s Theatre. His credentials include “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream” and an appearance with Jim Varney in “A Christmas Carol.”

His professionalism and credibility is beyond reproach whether behind a microphone, in front of a lens or inside a red suit.

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